Kreateevee to expand aggressively into Vietnam

After the successful completion of the digital signage and interactive kiosk deployment in Ho Chi Minh City for Hong Leong Bank branch, Kreateevee is prepared to roll up its sleeves to establish some presence in the rapidly growing Vietnam market.

"We're seeing some exciting times with our recent expansion into Vietnam", says Mr. Frankie Chen, Executive Chairman of Kreateevee during the launch of Hong Leong Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh recently.

"Vietnam is a largely untapped market for customer experience solutions such as digital signage and interactive kiosks and we hope to capitalize on this by bringing our years of experience and expertise to the Vietnamese market", he added.

Kreateevee was recently appointed to manage Hong Leong's in-store digital communication and have deployed the following solutions in their inaugural branch:

1. Digital Signage – In line with Hong Leong’s effort to reduce clutter of printed materials and improve in-store communications in the branch, a 50” LCD TV powered by Kreateevee is used to display foreign exchange & deposit rates in real-time, local news, and short content (tailored to the waiting time of the customers) to up-sell / cross-sell the products and services.
2. Interactive Kiosk – Hong Leong Bank became one of the first banks in Vietnam to introduce a multi-language touch screen in a banking branch which enable customers to explore their products & services in a simplified way with or without the help of their sales agents. One of the kiosks, which could be engaged from outside the branch’s window facade acts as a 24/7 silent salesman aside from announcing Hong Leong Bank’s arrival to the busy street of Ho Chi Minh City.

"This is our first time venturing out of Malaysia. Although we speak no Vietnamese, our solutions are easily understandable and we have an excellent track record back home. We are trying to emulate our success in Malaysia here in Vietnam. We like it here. The food is good and the people are very friendly", added Frankie Chen.

NOVEMBER 3, 2009